West Country Law firm Mogers Drewett pledges its support for Next Generation Somerset

Monday, November 20, 2017

As an organisation with offices in Somerset, Dorset and Bath, we feel really strongly about encouraging young people to look at career opportunities on their doorstep. We employ around 100 people and while we have members on the team that have relocated to the West Country to join us, our business has a high proportion of staff that were born, bred and educated here. It’s to be expected that many young people wish to spread their wings and see the world outside of the South West, but equally it’s important that we help open their eyes to what opportunities exist locally. There’s nothing more gratifying for us than to be able to employ and work with people and businesses that we understand, and with whom we share common values and aspirations which often are largely due to the fact we know the region, we know the issues they face, and we know their families. There are family generations and long standing businesses that we have worked and known for years, and it’s rewarding to be able to have that rich heritage of working within our communities.

Living and working in the West Country does not mean you’re restricted geographically or professionally. We have clients nationally, many in London, and we have people travelling to Europe and the United States creating partnerships and exploring new opportunities. You don’t need to move to London or even out of the county to find these opportunities if you work hard and find employment in a forward thinking company. There are many innovative and exciting companies like ours.

The Next Generation campaign is about encouraging and inspiring our young and intelligent people about what’s on offer from an education and employment perspective, and it’s a subject we feel passionate about. We are very proud to support this campaign.

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